Another memory from last year. Every time we get a chance to go see NIN, depending on my view, I try to film at least one video for memory’s sake. Of course, with their live shows, it’s hard to pick out which one to aim for because all of them are pretty amazing with the visuals.  Luckily for me, this one happened to be one of my favourites from the set, so I’m glad I had my camera ready!

Nine Inch Nails – Disappointed (live, Tension 2013 tour)
2013.10.01 @ Chaifetz Arena, Saint Louis, MO

Full Setlist:

Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
All Time Low
Came Back Haunted
Find My Way
A Warm Place
Somewhat Damaged
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

The Frail
The Wretched
Echoplex (Tour debut)
In This Twilight
While I’m Still Here
Black Noise

Disney Birds


Another one of my photos from my visit to Disney last April. This one is one of my favourites from that trip. Why? Just look at that bird! haha


Again, as I mentioned in previous entries, there were very many birds around Disney that day that didn’t seem to mind people being close to them, which made for good photo opportunities. This one was a pretty big one too, though not the biggest we saw that day. No, that title goes to this one –


I didn’t catch it when it had it’s wings out like I wanted, but this one came out good enough. Such a pretty bird! This one was out to get everyone’s churros, somewhat aggressively so. I kept a good distance from it because of that, haha.

More to come later!

Snow Again..

BegYUwdCMAE4vy6.jpg large

Woke up to the sound of shovels outside of my bedroom window yesterday. More snow! Again, I want to skip the rest of winter, even spring, to get to the warmer weather of summer. I would just skip to spring, but spring here tends to be up and down with the temperature, so that’s just not good enough.

Honestly, I don’t mind snow or very cold weather until I have to go out in it, haha. I used to go out in it to look for good photo spots, but even that I’m not fond of doing anymore because it’s just too cold.

Here’s hoping this stuff melts faster.


BeDdnvbCcAAISnj.jpg large

The bass that I mentioned in a previous post arrived today. I was going to save up for it, but my mother wanted me to have it sooner, so it’s half a present from her. I love it! As I thought, it is lighter and easier for me to play than my old bass, which makes me very happy. The colour is gorgeous as well, prettier than the picture shows. I’ll take a better one with my camera later. I think I’m going to enjoy learning with this one.

[BGM: n’DooL – time leap]

Travel Plans


It’s slow season at work, so I took Friday off and had a nice three day weekend, the first one in a long time. No OT for a while, so that means I have more time to study for my testing and have some much needed me time. As much as I like OT pay, it’s nice to be able to relax a little more.

On the subject of my title, Katie and I have decided to go down to Florida on her Spring break, mainly to see my mother and our friend. I’m not fond of Florida at all, but that’s where most of my family is, so I’m doing my daughterly/grandaughterly duty. It’s close to my mother’s birthday too, so she wants to take us and our friend up to Disney like she did last year.

The above picture is actually from last year, but I haven’t gotten around to posting all of those pictures yet (soon! I promise!). As I mentioned in a previous entry, there were a lot of photogenic birds that day! This one was another one of them. He was perched on Mickey’s nose, just watching everyone watching and taking pictures of him. I took three pictures of him before I went on my way to Tomorrowland. I would have tried to take more, but Disney is a busy place in the middle of the day, so I didn’t want to be in the way. I’ll post the other two shots of him later.

I’m off to bed now, so good night!

[BGM: n’DooL – special thanks]

More snow..


Woke up to more snow this morning. I’m officially done with winter and would like an early summer. Now if only the weather would get on board with me..At least it’ll be warmer this weekend. I want this stuff to melt!

Every time I have to go out in the snow I wonder just how on earth my younger self could have stood playing in it. I can’t bare to be out in it longer than five minutes anymore. It’s just too uncomfortably cold for me.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Good night!


Backdating this because my sleepy self forgot to hit the post button last night. Oops.

Since last year (a bit before that actually) I’ve been thinking about taking classes at my local community college, but I need to take the GED first. I had planned to take it last year, but with work as heavy as it had been, I’d had no time to prepare for it or take the test. However, this year, it’s one of my goals to be done with it by March so that I can look into getting registered for next semester.

For the record, I didn’t drop out of school. I went to private schools for most of my school years (2 of those years through public), but when school tuition became too expensive for my parents, I went the home-schooled/home-study route. I would have taken the GED (or HiSET here in Missouri) long before now, but personal issues and work kept getting in the way. No excuses this time though. I don’t like where my current career is taking me (which is nowhere), so time for a new start! It’ll be tough going to school and work, but it’ll be worth it, I think.