Florida & Updates

Epcot, 2014

I’m a little late writing about my visit to Florida, but better late than never. Florida was Florida. I’m never all that thrilled to go there, but seeing my family and my friend was nice. Epcot was fun and made better by the fact that we were there during their flower celebration, so there were a lot of cute topiary in the shapes of characters, which you can see in my photography section. Yes! I managed to put them up in a timely manner and not a year after I took them! Hah! I also added last year’s trip photos. I’ll work on getting the photos a bit more organized at some point when I have more time.

Site-wise, I also added a sales section for band goods that need to find new homes so that they’re not just collecting dust on my shelf. I had had them on my tumblr, but tumblr is kind of hard to keep nicely organized. This way, I can keep up with sales much better and not have to go back and repost things.

I also added a few more sections, but they’re still being worked on, so nothing is really there at the moment. Of course, I’ll update when there is though.

Off to bed with me! Good Night!


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Enter March

"I'm watching you, Minion. Now, get up and feed me."

“I’m watching you, Minion. Now, get up and feed me.”

March felt like it snuck up on me, much like my cat in the morning, only it was nice enough not to pounce on me with 14 lbs. of weight. However, it brought a load of snow with it, so I’m not very happy with it yet. Once it brings me Spring all will be forgiven.

Even if it’s still cold here in Missouri, I’ll have a break from it next week. My roommate and I will be heading down to Florida to visit my family and a friend, so I’m hoping the weather will be nice while Katie and I are there. I know it’ll be a lot warmer, but Florida tends to be a little too rainy when I visit. Instead of Disney World, since we went there last year (twice even, but two different countries), we’ll be going to Epcot, so I’m looking forward to that! I haven’t been there in over 10 years if I remember right. I’ll be sure to take and post my trip photos! Maybe even in a timely manner.