I’ve added a section for my translations. This is practice for me, so if there’s a mistake in any, please feel free to point it out! I’ll start posting as I add more to the section.

At the moment, there’s only one MICHI (MASCHERA) interview from SHOXX vol. 47, so please enjoy it!

Recently, I covered MASCHERA’s history for an artist spotlight on a friend’s discord server, so I’ll eventually be moving all that info here as well for archive purposes.

[BGM: MASCHERA – e’kou]

New Features

To get myself back in the habit of writing, I’m going to be adding an artist spotlight to showcase bands that I love. It’s something that I’ve wanted to add for a while now, but wasn’t in a place that I could spend much time on research. Now that my workload has eased up a bit, I can spend more time on things I enjoy!

I’ve also thought about doing translations of articles and music to help with my ongoing Japanese studies, so that’s another feature I’ll possibly be adding soon. I’ve always wanted to get more into translating things rather than rely on my poor roommate to help so much. Since I’ve been studying a lot more, I feel a bit more comfortable and confident with myself that I can do it.

Phantom Phridays will continue soon. Last year, I really wanted to keep up with them to keep my blog active, but work and general depression got in the way. While I still have a bit of work stress and lingering depression, I have been feeling a bit more motivated lately and I want to do my best to make sure that continues.



I’ve gone way longer from writing here than I’ve meant to! I have a lot of things to post, both trips and gaming, as well as commissions and new pieces.

Also, more cat updates to come! Unfortunately, Omi is no longer with us. He lived a long and loved 17 years before he crossed the rainbow bridge in February. I miss him dearly, but he isn’t suffering anymore, so I take some comfort in knowing that. The next installment of Phantom Phriday will be a tribute to the old man who forever acted like a kitten❤︎


I now have a ko-fi page up! I don’t think that I’ve posted a lot of my artwork here, but that will change with my shift to doing more commissions. At the moment, I only have my clay work commissions up, but I will be adding illustrations as well. If interested in visiting my page, please click on the Junnycat above and he’ll take you there!


Rio yawn

It’s been almost a year since my last update. I didn’t mean to neglect my blog for so long, but last year was pretty rough for me, mentally and physically. A lot has changed recently, some for the better in my case, so I am now in a better state of mind. This year, I will definitely be back to my regular updates!

There are a few things I wanted to write about last year, but never had the energy to do so, so I will be going back to write about the more memorable events.

For those who come here for Phantom Phriday, those too will return, so please look forward to them!

Phantom Phriday Vol. 21

Good evening everyone! Since Lisa had gallbladder surgery this week, I’ll be your guest blogger for this week, Katie!

We apologize for the long space without a post. Things have been hectic since returning from Japan! But fear not, we’re back to give you your weekly dose of cute kitties!

Speaking of which, this week we also have guest cats – red light kitties from Kabuki-cho!


I had the pleasure of meeting four lovely furry friends at Cats in the Box, a cat bar in Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho!


“Well, are you going to give me treats or not, lady?”


“That’s more lik… hey! I can’t get to it! Move it!”


“Oh well, I’ll go for cuddles instead…”


“Leave me alone, can’t you see we’re sleeping here?”


“Don’t mind them, I’ll play!”


“I’ll get that thing!”

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, be sure to stop by for a drink and some furry friends!

Until next time!


“Get out of my face.. unless you have food”

Phantom Phriday Vol. 20

A bit late with today’s Phantom Phriday, but it’s still Friday, so on with the show!

Today we’re featuring Rio…Purrincess Rio. The once tiny calico is now large and in charge of the nekotachi and, of course, her peasants.

“I don’t know what you’re doing, peasant, but I don’t trust it.”


‘Rio has presented her belly. You know what to do.”


“What are you looking at, peasant? You don’t see Rio. Rio’s not spying on you or anything.”

Happy Friday! (what’s left of it, anyway!)

Phantom Phriday Vol. 19

Welcome to another edition of Phantom Phriday!
This week we’re popping in on the littlest poogie, Sogo. Sogo has taken over the downstairs as her domain (the ceiling to be exact), but occasionally she visits the upstairs.

“Who dares wake Sogo from her precious beauty sleep?”

I can’t resist the cute little toe beans…

“Toe beans? What are these toe beans you speak of?”

“We’ve been over this, peasant. No touching Sogo’s feet!”

“You want to keep these fingers, right?”

Eventually, she released my fingers from captivity and ordered me out of the room so she could sleep.

“That’s right. No coming back until Sogo says so.”

She’s a bossy little master calico, but she’s super lovey (and drooly) when you catch her in the right mood.

Have a happy Friday!

Pokémon Go Community Day

Last weekend my roommate and I went out to Fenton Park to attend the Pokémon Go Community Day festivities. It was fun and we even met up with some of our local raid buddies! Below is just a small portion of the ginormous crowd gathered to do a Kyogre raid. There were at least 100 people there, perhaps more, making it the biggest legendary raid I’ve taken part in.

Fenton Park, 2018.01.20

Fenton Park, 2018.01.20

To make it even better, it was a gorgeous day and it felt great to be outside without the piercing cold wind. Lately, it’s been freezing and not weather I like to be outside in, but last Saturday was a bit warmer and more autumn-like, the kind of weather I prefer. I actually had to take my hoodie off because it got a little too warm for it.

The next community day is on February 24th, so we’ll join in again! (As long as the weather isn’t crap, that is!)