I can’t believe that it’s already August! This year really feels like it’s going by fast. We move a week from Wednesday, so now starts the serious packing. I’m really looking forward to moving to the new place, but not looking forward to the actual moving part, haha. This move should be easier than the last move, though, since the new place is just up the street from our current place. The most difficult thing will be having to move up and down three flights of stairs again, especially furniture because the stairs are so narrow. I’m glad the new place only has one!

Yesterday, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It was okay, just not my kind of movie. It was amusing, so that kind of made it a little more enjoyable for me. I think anyone who likes those sort of movies will like it though.


I am super late with expressing my happiness over this, in blog form anyway, but I still wanted to write about it since PIERROT was and still are very important to me. They were one of the first Japanese bands that I fell in love with. It’s hard to believe that that was nearly 15 years ago!

On April 8th, I saw a tweet going around that PIERROT would have an announcement on April 12th, so that of course caught my attention. PIERROT hasn’t been around for 8 years, and disbanded on not so good terms, so to see this was surprising and exciting. When the 12th came, I overslept and didn’t get up in time to see the announcement, but this is what it was.

My first thought was “Why are they playing HELLO?” I’d never really liked that song or the PV (I do now, though), not because it wasn’t good, but it was the last we got to hear or see of them, so something about it felt bitter to me. Anyway, it made sense that they’d show it as it was the last and the original video ended with the mic stand hitting the ground, but it went on longer this time and there were added things. This was definitely different! Before the end of it, I wondered if it meant they were coming back, and sure enough, the announcement at the end confirmed that! For two days! October 24th & 25th!

As much as I would absolutely love to, I wont be able to go see them. However, I am still really happy about it and happy for their fans that get to see them again. Even though I can’t go, I’m still really looking forward to it. I’ll wear my t-shirt and wave my Arlequin towel from afar!