New Features

To get myself back in the habit of writing, I’m going to be adding an artist spotlight to showcase bands that I love. It’s something that I’ve wanted to add for a while now, but wasn’t in a place that I could spend much time on research. Now that my workload has eased up a bit, I can spend more time on things I enjoy!

I’ve also thought about doing translations of articles and music to help with my ongoing Japanese studies, so that’s another feature I’ll possibly be adding soon. I’ve always wanted to get more into translating things rather than rely on my poor roommate to help so much. Since I’ve been studying a lot more, I feel a bit more comfortable and confident with myself that I can do it.

Phantom Phridays will continue soon. Last year, I really wanted to keep up with them to keep my blog active, but work and general depression got in the way. While I still have a bit of work stress and lingering depression, I have been feeling a bit more motivated lately and I want to do my best to make sure that continues.