Travel Plans


It’s slow season at work, so I took Friday off and had a nice three day weekend, the first one in a long time. No OT for a while, so that means I have more time to study for my testing and have some much needed me time. As much as I like OT pay, it’s nice to be able to relax a little more.

On the subject of my title, Katie and I have decided to go down to Florida on her Spring break, mainly to see my mother and our friend. I’m not fond of Florida at all, but that’s where most of my family is, so I’m doing my daughterly/grandaughterly duty. It’s close to my mother’s birthday too, so she wants to take us and our friend up to Disney like she did last year.

The above picture is actually from last year, but I haven’t gotten around to posting all of those pictures yet (soon! I promise!). As I mentioned in a previous entry, there were a lot of photogenic birds that day! This one was another one of them. He was perched on Mickey’s nose, just watching everyone watching and taking pictures of him. I took three pictures of him before I went on my way to Tomorrowland. I would have tried to take more, but Disney is a busy place in the middle of the day, so I didn’t want to be in the way. I’ll post the other two shots of him later.

I’m off to bed now, so good night!

[BGM: n’DooL – special thanks]

4 responses to “Travel Plans

  1. Even though you don’t like Florida, at least you will get some fun at Disney!! I don’t think the new Snow White ride will be open yet but you might be there in time for the flower/garden displays!!!! LUCKY :o!!!

    • Yes! It’ll also be a nice break from this awful cold weather we’ve been having lately. They were working on the Snow White ride when we went last year, haha! It looks like it’ll be fun! I wonder when they’re set to open it. I’ll be happy if the Tea Cups are working! That ride hasn’t been open for a long time >< (or maybe it is and we keep going on off days? I don't know..)

      • Teacups were fine when we went this past November! The new coaster is set to up late Spring of this year! ❤ Looks so fun!!!

      • Really?! We must have bad luck with them then! lol Either that or they finally reopened them after we went. I haven’t been able to ride them since 2005 (maintenance issues then, if I remember right). I know they closed for refurbishing in 2010, but, yeah, they were still closed when we went last year, much to my disappointment. Katie and our friend Michelle haven’t ever ridden it, so I’m looking forward to dragging them on it this time! haha

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