I wanted to write up one last entry for 2013 while I still have time. About 30 minutes from now, so it’ll be a short one.

2013 was full of ups and downs for me, but over all it wasn’t such a bad year. I got to visit my family after not having seen them for two years, got to be there for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. I had the chance to visit Japan, again after two years, and got to see my friends and meet new people, see new places. Sure, there were a lot of disappointments and bad points this year, but the good that happened made up for those.

I think I’m ending this year happier than I was last year and I’ll do my very best to keep that feeling. That’s my only resolution. Be happier.

I hope everyone has a happy new year☆



I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Mine was nice and I had a great time with my friends later in the night.

BBCA had Doctor Who running all day, so that’s pretty much what we watched. We watched the new Christmas special as well and that was so-so. I actually fell asleep near the beginning (I blame it on three glasses of rum and ginger ale), so I can’t really give a proper review on it. I woke up in time for the last five minutes of it and that was a bit confusing and I decided that I didn’t really need to see all of it. This season had been full of not so great writing and the Christmas special didn’t seem any different. I’m also not that sad to see Matt Smith go. Yes, he was a good Doctor, but not the best ever. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite and think that they’re all too great in their own ways to call just one the best over all.

Also, after this poorly scripted season, I do hope they refresh their writing because I think Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be great as long as they give him a decent script and not waste his talent.

Anyway, enough about all of that. Later on in the evening a friend of ours came over and we ended up watching episodes 1-3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (the recent TV anime) and that was highly amusing. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone because it’s not really for everyone, but if you love nonsense and enjoy great action animation, then this might be for you. And, of course, one of my favorite voice actors, Koyasu Takehito, voices the villain. I do love his villains. He’s just perfect at them, even better if they’re flamboyant, it just fits him. Watching that made me excited for the upcoming Stardust Crusaders which will be out sometime next year.

And that was pretty much my Christmas. Here, have a Phantom with one of his new toys.


Christmas Eve


Hard to believe Christmas is tomorrow (rather, in less than an hour for me). It’s felt like this year has sort of flown by in a strange way and Christmas sort of snuck up on me and I’m not quite ready. A lot of gifts from me to my friends are going to be more like New Years gifts instead. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? I’ve been working a lot of OT at work since I’ve come back from Japan, so that’s delayed my gift getting. Just no time or energy to shop.

My Christmas Eve was uneventful and somewhat stressful compared to previous ones, but I did get some delicious rum to end my night on a good note.

Anyway, off to bed with me. I hope everyone has or had a happy holiday☆


Weekly Photo Challenge: One


This was taken earlier this year while I was visiting family in Florida. My mother took me and two of my friends to Disney for a day. While we were waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion I noticed three cute, little birds hopping around in a tree near the water. I got my camera out and took a few pictures of the three. This little one in the middle had less movement going on, so I was able to catch him the clearest of the three.

There were actually a lot of photogenic birds hopping about that day, but this one turned out the best, I think.



Sharing one of the pictures I took while in Niigata. My friend and I visited a friend there during our stay in Japan. We only got to spend a few hours there this time, but next trip we’d both like to stay a day or two and have a bit more time to look around. It was a bit overcast that day, but the sea and the sunset were still gorgeous.

Another place we’d both like to spend a little more time in is Osaka. We spent a night there, but due to our schedule, we had to leave really early to catch the shinkansen back to Tokyo. It was a nice stay though! We stayed in a capsule hotel, which was an interesting experience, but we both agreed that it wasn’t really our thing, haha. We prefer the quiet and privacy of hotels. However, if you just need somewhere to sleep, I’d recommend it! The staff was extremely nice and I’ve forgotten the name of the place, but I’ll look it up when I finally write out my long trip post.

Phantom has declared it bedtime by settling himself on my stomach, so off to bed I go!

Update of sorts

I have quite a bit to write about, but I’ll get to that when I have more time. The last time that I updated, aside from yesterday’s photo, was May, so a lot(ish) has happened since then. I’ll leave out all the boring/irritating work related stuff and write about the better things, like my Japan trip, which was a lot of fun and I wish I were back there, but with my cat this time. Being away from Phantom for over three weeks makes me miss that big, squishy ball of gray terribly.

Also, I’ll be working on revamping my blog for the new year. This time I really will be sticking to updating more because I’m more likely to remember it’s here if I’m paying for it.

Happy Friday the 13th!
Remember: black kitties are good luck!