Phantom Phriday Vol. 7


We have two guests this week! As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to a stargazing party and the couple that hosted it has two pretty kitties. One was a bit more sociable than the other, so I was able to take quite a few pictures of him. He’s a cute little guy!




His housemate came out a little later. She’s shy, but very friendly. Sadly, I didn’t get a good picture of her because the other one kept distracting her. She’s a pretty kitty as well!


And a bonus shot of two I usually see when I wake up.


Happy Friday!

[BGM: ALvino – new cinema paradigm]

Sunset & Stargazing


Saturday evening, we went to the home of a co-worker of Katie’s dad for a bonfire and stargazing party. We arrived there in time to see the pretty sunset, so I took a few pictures, the above panorama being the best of them.

The stargazing portion of the night didn’t go as planned since it was really cloudy until around 9pm, but we did get to see some clear sky before we left. It was nice to look up and see a lot of stars! We live in the suburb, so there’s too much light pollution from businesses and street lights nearby. We do see more than if we lived in the city though.

Katie also took a lot of pictures there, even some of the stars. Once she uploads those, I’ll link them!

Phantom the Nurse


I stayed home from work yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well and, of course, I had my cat-nurse on me all day. He’s not good at bringing me food or water, but he is really good at keeping me asleep.

When I wasn’t sleeping, I tried catching up on One Piece since Crunchyroll seemed to be working a little better than it has been. I managed to make it through 20 episodes..only 482 left to catch up! (orz)



Katie and I managed to find the Pit Amiibo! Not just one, but two even! I had thought for sure that it was going to be useless to search for him since he’s nearly as rare as Marth, but decided to check Best Buy and GameStop on the way home anyway. We went to Best Buy first, but had no luck and they were nearly out of all the Amiibo. They had maybe 10 out. Before we left there, Katie wanted to check out the cameras and, as it turned out, that was a good idea because in the time that we spent looking at cameras, one of the GameStop employees had restocked their Amiibo and put out the only two of Pit that they had. Once we got to GameStop, Katie said she saw wings and headed straight for them. We snagged both and the employee waiting on her got jealous because he had no idea that the other employee had put them out and he’d wanted one. I almost felt bad for him, but Pit was the one I was waiting to get and since Katie couldn’t get Marth, she wanted Pit too. Hopefully they’ll get another one so that guy can have one.

We haven’t had time to play the game yet, but I’m looking forward to testing him out!

2015 – Start

Happy new year!


Of course the first picture of the new year is going to be a feline.

My New Year’s Eve was uneventful, but relaxing. New Year’s Day was about the same, but I did manage to finish a a clay project that I’ve been wanting to get done.


These were meant to be Christmas presents for ALvino, but work and my Etsy shop had me pretty busy during the holiday season, so I never got a chance to start on them. I still need to sand and glaze them before I ship them off. I hope they like them!

I hope everyone had a happy start to the new year☆