Snow and Instruments

2013-10-21 06.26.12Photo taken by Katie

Phantom pretty much sums up how I’m feeling at the moment, haha. I’m tired of snow and cold weather and I’m ready for summer. To make things worse, the heating at work is useless and the building management is being rather slow about doing something about it. It being so cold in the office only makes my job that much more irritating.

But enough of that, onto better things!

Recently, I’ve been looking around for a good beginner bass and found a purple Ibanez that I really like, so I think I’ll start saving up for it. I’ve had a bass before, but didn’t get to practice on it very much. The one that I’m looking at is even better than the one I had. If I do get it, this time, I’ll actually learn how to play it properly and not leave it sitting in it’s bag. I think the problem with my old one, the reason why I didn’t play it very much, was because it was a bit bigger than I would have liked (it was a present) and it never felt very comfortable. The one that I’m looking at, however, is lighter and smaller than the one I had, so I think it’ll be easier for me to handle.

That’s all from me for now since I’m up past my bedtime. Here’s hoping the snow will melt faster!


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