Backdating this because my sleepy self forgot to hit the post button last night. Oops.

Since last year (a bit before that actually) I’ve been thinking about taking classes at my local community college, but I need to take the GED first. I had planned to take it last year, but with work as heavy as it had been, I’d had no time to prepare for it or take the test. However, this year, it’s one of my goals to be done with it by March so that I can look into getting registered for next semester.

For the record, I didn’t drop out of school. I went to private schools for most of my school years (2 of those years through public), but when school tuition became too expensive for my parents, I went the home-schooled/home-study route. I would have taken the GED (or HiSET here in Missouri) long before now, but personal issues and work kept getting in the way. No excuses this time though. I don’t like where my current career is taking me (which is nowhere), so time for a new start! It’ll be tough going to school and work, but it’ll be worth it, I think.

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