Backdating a little, but my new luggage arrived! I’m quite happy with the set and can’t wait to use it. I’ve had the same luggage for about 15 years now, so I deemed it time for a new set.

Also, spinner-wheel luggage will come in quite handy in Japan. Normal wheels tend to be difficult for me there.

Anyway, I’ll get to test at least one or two of them when I visit Florida later this month. I’ll be going there for my Nana’s 80th birthday☆

Hello April

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ll go back to attempting daily posts starting now.

Since I last wrote, in January, my company was bought by a better company, so we’re still easing into the mindset of belonging to a new company and getting used to the way that they do things.

February was uneventful for the most part..except that my roommate and I were able to purchase our tickets to Japan~! We’re both really excited to go back and see our friends as well as go to more parts of Japan that we haven’t been to. We’ll be there mid-October to November.

March was also uneventful and snowy. I’m tired of snow and I think it’s done for the time being, but I was able to get a picture that I was especially proud of—


I’m really happy I managed to capture that cute fluffy thing, haha.

All for now. I’ll update again later!