New appliance


I bought a toaster oven today. This will only be used for my polymer clay projects, no food whatsoever. I already have about four things lined up to be baked in it, and I would have done so tonight, however I forgot to get foil, so that is tomorrow’s mission along with getting more Sculpey and Fimo. I’m currently using Super Scupley, but it’s old and very gummy once I’ve rolled it a bit. Old as in about 6 years old, so I’m due for new packets of clay.

If all goes well in the making and baking process, I will be putting them up for sale in my Etsy. The sculptures look cute as they are now, so if they bake right, then they should turn out great.

Oh, and one bit of amusement while reading the instructions for the oven..


Obviously meant to be “cool”, but the “coo” makes me think a phantom bird resides within.

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