Dessert truffles


Stopped by Godiva yesterday to pick up two of the bakery truffles to try, plus the two pumpkin truffles they have now. I ended up with Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake, Pumpkin Spice, and Pumpkin Cheesecake truffles. First, I tried the Birthday Cake. It’s good and certainly tastes like cake, but a bit too sweet for my liking. I tried the Cookie Dough as well, but again, it’s really good, but too sweet for me. The pumpkins, however, are always delicious and have a bit of spice to offset the sweetness. Anyway, I would definitely recommend the bakery truffles to anyone with a sweet tooth.

I also stopped by Michael’s to pick up some clay. I’m trying out Primo! Sculpey to see how I like it. I picked out a good assortment of colors to mess with, so that should keep me busy for a while. I had meant to make things today, but my day got unexpectedly busy, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow after work.

Bake test


Test baking done! I didn’t put much detail into these since they were going to be my test batch, but from now on I’ll be making better looking things. They didn’t turn out too bad for a first run. The cat came out the most burnt, but I think it looks more like it could be it’s coloring, haha. The muffin, made for a friend and designed after a doodle she did, actually looks muffin-like with the lightly burnt parts.

Now that I have a better feel for how my toaster oven’s temperature spikes, I can time things better. The second one I put in turned out fine, however, I haven’t taken a picture of it yet.

Expect to see more over the weekend!

New appliance


I bought a toaster oven today. This will only be used for my polymer clay projects, no food whatsoever. I already have about four things lined up to be baked in it, and I would have done so tonight, however I forgot to get foil, so that is tomorrow’s mission along with getting more Sculpey and Fimo. I’m currently using Super Scupley, but it’s old and very gummy once I’ve rolled it a bit. Old as in about 6 years old, so I’m due for new packets of clay.

If all goes well in the making and baking process, I will be putting them up for sale in my Etsy. The sculptures look cute as they are now, so if they bake right, then they should turn out great.

Oh, and one bit of amusement while reading the instructions for the oven..


Obviously meant to be “cool”, but the “coo” makes me think a phantom bird resides within.