The Beach


Last week, Katie and I flew down to Tampa to visit my family for a few days. Florida was hot and miserable as usual, but we did get to go out to St. Pete beach at sunset, so that made up for it all. My cousin was with us too, so that made the time even more enjoyable!

The sunset over the water was really gorgeous! Katie and I had our nicer cameras with us, so we took a lot of pictures while we were there. I’ve yet to have time to get mine off my camera, but I plan to this weekend.


Yes, that is a Luffy hat.

Being there reminded me of my childhood as we used to go to the beach quite a bit. If there’s any one thing that I miss in Florida that we don’t have here in Missouri, it’s the beach (St Pete, to be exact). Other than that, Florida is pretty dull and way too hot for me, haha.

While seeing my family and being at the beach was nice, I missed my little cuddle buddies and couldn’t wait to get back home to them.

IMG_9251 IMG_9214

Sunset & Stargazing


Saturday evening, we went to the home of a co-worker of Katie’s dad for a bonfire and stargazing party. We arrived there in time to see the pretty sunset, so I took a few pictures, the above panorama being the best of them.

The stargazing portion of the night didn’t go as planned since it was really cloudy until around 9pm, but we did get to see some clear sky before we left. It was nice to look up and see a lot of stars! We live in the suburb, so there’s too much light pollution from businesses and street lights nearby. We do see more than if we lived in the city though.

Katie also took a lot of pictures there, even some of the stars. Once she uploads those, I’ll link them!



Sharing one of the pictures I took while in Niigata. My friend and I visited a friend there during our stay in Japan. We only got to spend a few hours there this time, but next trip we’d both like to stay a day or two and have a bit more time to look around. It was a bit overcast that day, but the sea and the sunset were still gorgeous.

Another place we’d both like to spend a little more time in is Osaka. We spent a night there, but due to our schedule, we had to leave really early to catch the shinkansen back to Tokyo. It was a nice stay though! We stayed in a capsule hotel, which was an interesting experience, but we both agreed that it wasn’t really our thing, haha. We prefer the quiet and privacy of hotels. However, if you just need somewhere to sleep, I’d recommend it! The staff was extremely nice and I’ve forgotten the name of the place, but I’ll look it up when I finally write out my long trip post.

Phantom has declared it bedtime by settling himself on my stomach, so off to bed I go!



More colour is filling in the green lately, so of course I had to take some shots after I got off work. Things are really the prettiest during the sunset, so I waited ’til then.




Just those for now. Off to work on Christmas ornaments and such for the shop.

More pictures to come tomorrow if the weather is nice.