Phantom the Nurse


I stayed home from work yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well and, of course, I had my cat-nurse on me all day. He’s not good at bringing me food or water, but he is really good at keeping me asleep.

When I wasn’t sleeping, I tried catching up on One Piece since Crunchyroll seemed to be working a little better than it has been. I managed to make it through 20 episodes..only 482 left to catch up! (orz)

Phantom Phriday Vol. 3


I always see amusing pictures of cats all sprawled out with catnip all around them and it always makes me think “If any of our cats did that, it would definitely be Phantom.”

How right I was! I have no idea how he found the baggie it was kept in, but there it was, all sprinkled out over the carpet with Mr. Fatty-meow rolling all over it with his favorite toy, the baggie itself to the side with a ripped up corner.


“Minion, this stuff is amazing.”

Phantom Phriday Vol. 2


This week’s edition will feature mostly Rio. Hard to believe she’s nearly 7 months old! She’s still very much the same playful and lovey kitten.

ppv2-1She loves playing all over the apartment, but I think her favorite room is my room because there’s a lot of open space for her to run and flip around like a nutter. (video of that to be posted soon)

ppv2-2She hasn’t picked up many bad habits and one she found by accident. I was getting ready for work and she was sitting on the toilet and reached over to touch the counter. Her paw slipped and hit the roll of toilet paper which caused it to unroll a bit. She stared at it for a moment then decided that was her new toy and started unrolling it. It was amusing to watch, but thankfully she’s only done it once.



“You babble too much, minion. Shut up and feed and pet me already.”


Of course, it wouldn’t be Phantom Phriday without Phantom himself. Phantom still acts like a parent to Rio. She really was his birthday present, sort of, so he tends to treat her as such.

ppv2-5They like snuggling up together too. Omi, not so much. He saves his cuddles for Katie. Rio and Phantom are both cuddly kitties with humans, but it’s cute to see them all snuggled up and sleeping together.


Again, massive size difference between these two.


And that’s it for Phantom Phriday this week!

Phantom Phriday Vol. 1


Starting today, I’ll be posting a weekly thing every Friday called Phantom Phriday. I started doing it a few years ago as a Friday thing that I would send to a few co-workers that liked seeing photos of the boys and sometimes I’d add in a story or dialogue to make it fun, which I’ll do here as well. I haven’t done it as much this year for various reasons, but to help me keep some consistency to my blog, I’ve decided to post them here. So enjoy!

“Minion, you babble too much. Shut up and get to me.”

At our home, we have a lot of cat blankets, pillows, and cat beds, but I’m not sure why we keep buying them (I get them because I think they’re cute..) when more times than not the cats end up going for these..

"This bed will do, minion. It hugs me nicely."

“This bed will do, minion. It hugs me nicely.”

Boxes. Always boxes. Especially shoe boxes. It doesn’t even matter how small the box is, they will fit themselves in it even if they look ridiculous. Even after they’ve stretched the box out to the point of it breaking, they’ll still sit in/on it.

Rio: "HAH! This box is mine now!"

Rio: “HAH! This box is mine now!”

Rio: "I mean..This box will do. Now go fetch me my treats, peasant."

Rio: “I mean..This box will do. Now go fetch me my treats, peasant.”

So, instead of buying them cute, nice beds or pillows, just give them a box. Sure, it wont look as nice in your home, but it’s cheaper and they’ll love it more.

Also, one more tip. Don’t give them treats right before you go to bed unless you want to deal with a hyper cat running around your bed and jumping on and off of you.

"Why are you laying down, peasant? It's play time!"

“Why are you laying down, peasant? It’s play time!”



It’s been a while since I’ve written a proper post, but I’ve been really busy with personal things, work, and looking for a new apartment. My roommate and I found a new place, so now we’re in the process of packing and getting ready to move in August. After everything settles down, I’ll start posting more. I have a lot that I’ve wanted to talk about, but I’ll save it for later. Until then, meet the new kitty, Rio!


She’s a bouncing ball of energy! My roommate adopted her from a rescue group last month and it only took her about a day to claim the house and everyone in it as hers. Phantom was very quick to warm up to her and since then he’s treated her like his child. She’s the first cat he’s really gotten along with.

Rio & PhantomThere’s a massive size difference between these two.

Omi, however, took a bit longer to accept her, but now he’s fine with her. He’s 12 years old this year, so we knew it’d probably take him longer. He’s not fond of change, so he’s going to really dislike us when the time comes for us to relocate him to the new place.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I leave you with a cute, sleeping Rio. Just look at that grin!


Enter March

"I'm watching you, Minion. Now, get up and feed me."

“I’m watching you, Minion. Now, get up and feed me.”

March felt like it snuck up on me, much like my cat in the morning, only it was nice enough not to pounce on me with 14 lbs. of weight. However, it brought a load of snow with it, so I’m not very happy with it yet. Once it brings me Spring all will be forgiven.

Even if it’s still cold here in Missouri, I’ll have a break from it next week. My roommate and I will be heading down to Florida to visit my family and a friend, so I’m hoping the weather will be nice while Katie and I are there. I know it’ll be a lot warmer, but Florida tends to be a little too rainy when I visit. Instead of Disney World, since we went there last year (twice even, but two different countries), we’ll be going to Epcot, so I’m looking forward to that! I haven’t been there in over 10 years if I remember right. I’ll be sure to take and post my trip photos! Maybe even in a timely manner.



It seems like we finally have a break from the cold weather! It felt nice yesterday and, even though it’s raining today, it’s still warm, so I’m not complaining. However, it wont last because another cold front is coming through, so it’s going to get cold and snowy again. Spring needs to get here faster.

I give those around me permission to smack me if I ever start complaining about the heat when we get into Summer.