I’ve gone way longer from writing here than I’ve meant to! I have a lot of things to post, both trips and gaming, as well as commissions and new pieces.

Also, more cat updates to come! Unfortunately, Omi is no longer with us. He lived a long and loved 17 years before he crossed the rainbow bridge in February. I miss him dearly, but he isn’t suffering anymore, so I take some comfort in knowing that. The next installment of Phantom Phriday will be a tribute to the old man who forever acted like a kitten❤︎

Phantom Phriday Vol. 16


This week’s Phantom Phriday is a sleepy one. Earlier today, I noticed the cats weren’t buzzing around the living room like they normally do, so I went back to my room to find Phantom, Sogo, Aya, and Rio all lazing around.





So that left Omi to be the missing one. A short time later, I heard some rustling upstairs in Katie’s room. Sure enough, it was Omi. All 5 now accounted for! He rushed downstairs and jumped up on the table for pets.


I think this is the first time in a long time that I’ve gotten all the cats featured in a Phantom Phriday! Happy Friday to all!


Phantom Phriday Vol. 14


This week’s volume is cutting it close, but we managed to get it in before midnight! Tonight we are preparing to make our own cat food so that the cat crew can start their raw diets. They’re not handling the smell of raw chicken and not being able to eat it yet too well.


“What are you doing, human? Why does it smell good?”



“Is that…chicken?”


“Hand over the chicken and I wont shred your face in your sleep.”

[BGM: 摩天楼オペラ – Round & Round]

Phantom Phriday Vol. 1


Starting today, I’ll be posting a weekly thing every Friday called Phantom Phriday. I started doing it a few years ago as a Friday thing that I would send to a few co-workers that liked seeing photos of the boys and sometimes I’d add in a story or dialogue to make it fun, which I’ll do here as well. I haven’t done it as much this year for various reasons, but to help me keep some consistency to my blog, I’ve decided to post them here. So enjoy!

“Minion, you babble too much. Shut up and get to me.”

At our home, we have a lot of cat blankets, pillows, and cat beds, but I’m not sure why we keep buying them (I get them because I think they’re cute..) when more times than not the cats end up going for these..

"This bed will do, minion. It hugs me nicely."

“This bed will do, minion. It hugs me nicely.”

Boxes. Always boxes. Especially shoe boxes. It doesn’t even matter how small the box is, they will fit themselves in it even if they look ridiculous. Even after they’ve stretched the box out to the point of it breaking, they’ll still sit in/on it.

Rio: "HAH! This box is mine now!"

Rio: “HAH! This box is mine now!”

Rio: "I mean..This box will do. Now go fetch me my treats, peasant."

Rio: “I mean..This box will do. Now go fetch me my treats, peasant.”

So, instead of buying them cute, nice beds or pillows, just give them a box. Sure, it wont look as nice in your home, but it’s cheaper and they’ll love it more.

Also, one more tip. Don’t give them treats right before you go to bed unless you want to deal with a hyper cat running around your bed and jumping on and off of you.

"Why are you laying down, peasant? It's play time!"

“Why are you laying down, peasant? It’s play time!”


Update of sorts

I have quite a bit to write about, but I’ll get to that when I have more time. The last time that I updated, aside from yesterday’s photo, was May, so a lot(ish) has happened since then. I’ll leave out all the boring/irritating work related stuff and write about the better things, like my Japan trip, which was a lot of fun and I wish I were back there, but with my cat this time. Being away from Phantom for over three weeks makes me miss that big, squishy ball of gray terribly.

Also, I’ll be working on revamping my blog for the new year. This time I really will be sticking to updating more because I’m more likely to remember it’s here if I’m paying for it.

Happy Friday the 13th!
Remember: black kitties are good luck!


New room

This was my room before unloading all of my junk:


And this is most of the stuff (some still in the front room or pushed in the closet) I need to sort through and situate:


I wish I could snap my fingers and make it arrange itself, haha.

On the kitty note, Phantom is adjusting just fine, rolling all over the floor and beds. Omi, on the other hand, is being his usual unsure and hiding self. I think he’ll be fine in a few days, though.

Anyway, moving is about 95% done and we’re calling it a night.



This is the eldest kitty of the house, Omi. He’ll be 10 this year!

That white thing you see by his mouth is his fang. Omi has one long fang. Gives him character..and more drool.