Room progress

I still have some more putting away and tidying up to do, but here’s part of my room.


The area I spend a good deal of my night before bed at, my desk. I’m still deciding on how to arrange everything I want to keep on it, though.

And the other area I spend the rest of my night and early morning, the bed. …Well, the rack above the bed since the bed wasn’t made.


And yes, I have more plushies than I know what to do with. That’s a small portion of them, haha.

Once I’m done getting situated, I’ll take proper pictures of the room and the rest of the apartment.

Sleep for now! Goodnight!


We finally got our cable/Internet moved to the new place today! We had wanted it sooner, but since we had to reschedule due to our original moving date getting pushed back, we had to go with what date was available. We were without it for about a week (short hotel stay in Memphis doesn’t count) and, to us internet addicts, that seemed like the longest week ever, haha.

Anyway, it’s all set up, so this place feels pretty complete now. We also bought a microwave, so we’re set!

Tomorrow, I’m going to buy some things for my room so I can finally get it all in order. Pictures to come after it’s finished!

I can’t leave this entry picture-less, so here’s a Phantom doing cute Phantom-y stuff.