Tower Grove Park

Long time no write! Things have actually been pretty busy for me lately, so I’m posting these a bit later than I’d wanted to. Near the end of last month, I went to Tower Grove Park with my roommie so that she could take some photos for her photography class. I took a few as well of course!


Also, I had a little friend with me. I usually keep my ball-jointed doll photography to a separate blog, but I like how these turned out. This is Mamo-chan

He’s good at the creepy mischievous expression.

After we were done there we headed over to the City Garden and was greeted with bunny backside.


And his friend

These were next to the bunnies


I promise the middle of the arch isn’t really missing.

I have a lot more, but I don’t want this post to be too image heavy, so I leave you with one of the bunbuns!


Laumeier Sculpture Park


Last Sunday, I went with my roomie Katie to Laumeier Sculpture Park so that she could get some shots for her photography assignment. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there and they’ve added some things since then, so I took a few photos as well!

I didn’t remember this cat from the last time I went, so I was delighted to see it!

Closeup of the head

Then there was this thing off in the distance…





It’s a pretty neat place to visit and I would definitely recommend checking it out. Katie took a lot more (and better) photos, so go check out her blog!

Phantom Phriday Vol. 11


This week’s Phantom Phriday is cutting it a little close to being out of Friday, so here’s a quick post featuring Aya and Rio!

Aya is really starting to take after Rio. She copies Rio if she sees her doing something, like flopping over like this.


She’s also started to bring Rio toys that Rio loves playing with (milk rings and brightly coloured strings), which makes her look more like Rio’s servant. I’m sure Rio thinks of her as that anyway, haha.


I took some footage of the two playing around, so enjoy and happy Friday! (what’s left of it anyway..!)

Manchester Homecoming


This weekend in my town is Manchester Homecoming, a parade and fair-type festival. It’s not really my kind of thing and I’ve only been to it once or twice since I’ve lived here, but I’ve always liked walking or driving by to see the Ferris wheel at night.

This year, since we were close to the park it’s located in, the roomie and I decided to set up our cameras to take long exposures. Hers came out great, but mine were so-so. Of course, she’s using an app remote for hers (cheater!) and I’m using slightly unsteady and freezing hands. I think it turned out pretty neat anyway. I’ll link to Katie’s once she posts them.

Unrelated to the above, it’s freezing outside and I love it!

Blue Moon


Posting two pictures of the blue moon from a few weeks ago to say that I’m alive since I haven’t updated in a while. I wish I’d taken them a little sooner in the evening before the clouds started rolling in, but these two came out nicely despite that.


I’ll be starting up Phantom Phriday again this week, so anyone who enjoyed those look forward to it!

The Beach


Last week, Katie and I flew down to Tampa to visit my family for a few days. Florida was hot and miserable as usual, but we did get to go out to St. Pete beach at sunset, so that made up for it all. My cousin was with us too, so that made the time even more enjoyable!

The sunset over the water was really gorgeous! Katie and I had our nicer cameras with us, so we took a lot of pictures while we were there. I’ve yet to have time to get mine off my camera, but I plan to this weekend.


Yes, that is a Luffy hat.

Being there reminded me of my childhood as we used to go to the beach quite a bit. If there’s any one thing that I miss in Florida that we don’t have here in Missouri, it’s the beach (St Pete, to be exact). Other than that, Florida is pretty dull and way too hot for me, haha.

While seeing my family and being at the beach was nice, I missed my little cuddle buddies and couldn’t wait to get back home to them.

IMG_9251 IMG_9214