Cosplay Plans

Not sure how soon I’ll get to any of these aside from the finished Law, as I’m not sure how many other cons we’ll be going to this year, but my list of planned cosplays:


Con-wise next year, Anime STL is a go since it’s so close to where we are, but A-kon might be possible too. If so, I’ll definitely have Punk Hazard/Shichibukai Law and Levi ready, but if I can manage one more I’d like to get Sabo or Corazon finished as well.

I also need to make a better prop sword for Law. The one I currently have is just a modified wooden practice sword. While it was fine for a throw together at the last minute cosplay, it bugs me that it’s not the right type of sword. Law just has to have a nodachi to make my life difficult!

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