Phantom Phriday Vol. 2


This week’s edition will feature mostly Rio. Hard to believe she’s nearly 7 months old! She’s still very much the same playful and lovey kitten.

ppv2-1She loves playing all over the apartment, but I think her favorite room is my room because there’s a lot of open space for her to run and flip around like a nutter. (video of that to be posted soon)

ppv2-2She hasn’t picked up many bad habits and one she found by accident. I was getting ready for work and she was sitting on the toilet and reached over to touch the counter. Her paw slipped and hit the roll of toilet paper which caused it to unroll a bit. She stared at it for a moment then decided that was her new toy and started unrolling it. It was amusing to watch, but thankfully she’s only done it once.



“You babble too much, minion. Shut up and feed and pet me already.”


Of course, it wouldn’t be Phantom Phriday without Phantom himself. Phantom still acts like a parent to Rio. She really was his birthday present, sort of, so he tends to treat her as such.

ppv2-5They like snuggling up together too. Omi, not so much. He saves his cuddles for Katie. Rio and Phantom are both cuddly kitties with humans, but it’s cute to see them all snuggled up and sleeping together.


Again, massive size difference between these two.


And that’s it for Phantom Phriday this week!

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