It’s been a while since I’ve written a proper post, but I’ve been really busy with personal things, work, and looking for a new apartment. My roommate and I found a new place, so now we’re in the process of packing and getting ready to move in August. After everything settles down, I’ll start posting more. I have a lot that I’ve wanted to talk about, but I’ll save it for later. Until then, meet the new kitty, Rio!


She’s a bouncing ball of energy! My roommate adopted her from a rescue group last month and it only took her about a day to claim the house and everyone in it as hers. Phantom was very quick to warm up to her and since then he’s treated her like his child. She’s the first cat he’s really gotten along with.

Rio & PhantomThere’s a massive size difference between these two.

Omi, however, took a bit longer to accept her, but now he’s fine with her. He’s 12 years old this year, so we knew it’d probably take him longer. He’s not fond of change, so he’s going to really dislike us when the time comes for us to relocate him to the new place.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I leave you with a cute, sleeping Rio. Just look at that grin!


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