I’ve been noticing birds fly up on the deck quite a bit, so I bought a bird feeder for them. It’s just a small one, but I think I might have to upgrade to a bigger one after seeing how many have started flocking to it. There were at least 11 at once at different times during the day. A dove even showed up to nibble at the seeds that had fallen on the deck. It didn’t stay for long, though, because a certain Fatty-meow decided to charge at it through the glass, haha.

Speaking of, Phantom seems to love that more birds are showing up on the deck. He gets a lot of bird watching in during the day now. I forgot to get a picture of him watching his birds, but here’s one of him with his favorite toy, a fake rose. He became attached to it as a kitten and likes to carry this around the house.


3 responses to “Birds

  1. Wow, that rose still is existing? ^^
    How old is Phantom by the way?
    Shiyuu tried to catch a fly today but failed miserably. She somehow did better last year. LoL

  2. Yep! It’s still in good shape since he only bats at it and carries it around, haha.
    Phantom is 4 years old!

    • So he treats it pretty good. I think, if Shiyuu had have it and it were her favorite toy it wouldn’t look like this anymore, if I even hadn’t have to throw it away already. ^^
      She has a fake mouse that already lost part of its fur within the first few months. ^^

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