Room progress

I still have some more putting away and tidying up to do, but here’s part of my room.


The area I spend a good deal of my night before bed at, my desk. I’m still deciding on how to arrange everything I want to keep on it, though.

And the other area I spend the rest of my night and early morning, the bed. …Well, the rack above the bed since the bed wasn’t made.


And yes, I have more plushies than I know what to do with. That’s a small portion of them, haha.

Once I’m done getting situated, I’ll take proper pictures of the room and the rest of the apartment.

Sleep for now! Goodnight!

3 responses to “Room progress

  1. Your desk makes me smile. It makes me think of mine, at least the basics. The shelf on it is something I don’t have. And I modified mine a lot so it’s much huger by now.
    And it’s still quite filled but that’s because I sorted stuff and didn’t finish yet.

    That’s actually not many plushies but as you said you have more I wonder how many altogether. ^^ I also do have quite some even though I never had that much.
    Does it feel comfortable with that rack? I can’t imagine it, especially since the bed seems so small. Mine is way bigger, but I had planned it for two (I built it together with my father, it’s my own construction, that’s why I used this term ^^).

    Hope you slept well. ^^

    • I’m still sorting out my desk a bit, trying to decide if I want it similar to how I had it before or a bit different. Since I have more room in this room, it won’t be quite as cluttered as last before, though^^;

      I had a big 5 tier shelf in my old room and my plushies took up the top three shelves, haha. I don’t want quite as many as I had, so I kept the small and most of the medium sized ones. I had a few large ones that were taking up a lot of room. I have them a bit more spread out in this room, so you’ll see them in the pictures I take when I’m done with getting the room sorted^^

      I can barely tell that the rack is there, lol. It fits over the bed, so I can’t feel it or anything. My bed is a twin-sized bed. It’s small, but I don’t move around much when I sleep, so I’m fine with smaller beds. Though there are times I wish it were bigger, mainly when my cat decides to hog my bed, haha.

      • I think I’m just too used to have more space even though I just stay at one side as if it were smaller.
        My barely does, but even if, she’s not that huge, this would fit though. But she even barely sleeps in the bedroom (however, at least the past two nights she did ^-^), she seemingly prefers the living room.

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