We finally got our cable/Internet moved to the new place today! We had wanted it sooner, but since we had to reschedule due to our original moving date getting pushed back, we had to go with what date was available. We were without it for about a week (short hotel stay in Memphis doesn’t count) and, to us internet addicts, that seemed like the longest week ever, haha.

Anyway, it’s all set up, so this place feels pretty complete now. We also bought a microwave, so we’re set!

Tomorrow, I’m going to buy some things for my room so I can finally get it all in order. Pictures to come after it’s finished!

I can’t leave this entry picture-less, so here’s a Phantom doing cute Phantom-y stuff.


4 responses to “Internet!

  1. Oh, I can imagine how you felt without internet. It’s good on one hand, but annoying at the same tame.
    Hadn’t have access for two weeks in May (except for the iPhone of course) and I hope something like this will never ever happen again.

    What was Phantom doing? Exploring?

    • I had my iPhone of course, but many sites I visit are easier to go through on the PC, so it was a little frustrating at times, haha.

      Yep! His first time out on the balcony^^

  2. Did you have balconies in the apartments before or was this completely new to him?
    And don’t you secure it with some net or so, so that the cats can’t slip through?
    I wish I had a balcony, Shiyuu would love it, I’m convinced.

    • The previous apartment had balconies, but since we were on the first level it was just a patio. However, when we lived with my roommate’s family, they have a deck so he’d been out on it a few times. Phantom’s an indoor cat, so he never stays outside for long before running back inside,

      And as for a net or something, they don’t need it since we’re on the top level (3 stories) and neither one of them can actually jump down from it because of how it’s made. And since it’s like that, we usually just let them wander around if we happen to have the sliding doors open.

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