Duran Duran @ Botanical Gardens


As far as outdoor concerts go, this one was fun! I’m not one for outside venues, but it wasn’t too bad. I already knew I wouldn’t have as awesome a spot at this one that I had had in Chicago last year (3rd-ish row), but I had a pretty good view for being so far back. Of course it was kind of useless, but I took one picture anyway.


OP: A Diamond In The Mind
1: Before the Rain
2: Planet Earth
3: View to a Kill
4: All You Need Is Now
5: Being Followed
6: The Reflex
7: Come Undone
8: Safe
9: Union of the Snake
10: Girl Panic!
11: Notorious
12: Save A Prayer
13: White Lines
14: Ordinary World
15: Hungry Like The Wolf
16: Sunrise
17: Wild Boys

18: Girls On Film
19: Rio

I was excited to finally hear their cover of White Lines live! The only other one that would have made it perfect would have been Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, but maybe next time, haha.

Overall, it was a great concert and well worth the 5 hour drive from St. Louis to Memphis.

I will say that I’m done with outdoor venues, though. Bugs. I hate bugs.

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