New room

This was my room before unloading all of my junk:


And this is most of the stuff (some still in the front room or pushed in the closet) I need to sort through and situate:


I wish I could snap my fingers and make it arrange itself, haha.

On the kitty note, Phantom is adjusting just fine, rolling all over the floor and beds. Omi, on the other hand, is being his usual unsure and hiding self. I think he’ll be fine in a few days, though.

Anyway, moving is about 95% done and we’re calling it a night.

3 responses to “New room

  1. From what I can see, it looks really pretty. Even though in the first pic the room looks really tiny.

    How’s it by now? Did you settle a bit more?

    • It’s actually a pretty big room, so the first picture I took of it doesn’t really do it any justice, haha.

      I’ve gotten most of my things put away, but I’m still trying to decide just how I want it arranged.

      I’ll take a better picture of the updated room tomorrow!

      • Sounds familiar. I got a new huge shelf some weeks ago and still haven’t decided where to put what. Besides there’s still some documents I first need to get sorted but I procrastinate this a lot. ^^

        I’m looking forward to this, I’m always curious. ^^

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