Today is the first day of my week off from work. I’m not really going anywhere, just taking some much needed time away from work and getting settled in at the new apartment.

It’s really gorgeous outside today, so I think I’ll go take a nice long walk at some point later in the day. Feels almost like the beginning of fall. It’s a nice change from the 100+ heat we’ve had all summer.

Ending here to enjoy my delicious frozen custard☆

2 responses to “Vacation

  1. Weird, feels a bit like fall here, too. The temp dropped a few degrees yesterday and it has been really windy over the last couple days.

    Too bad we’re still in the middle of summer at the moment, but it’s winding down.

    Enjoy your vacation!

    • It’s about 78 degrees here with a nice cool breeze and it’s not supposed to get over 90 for the next week. It’s nice not walking outside and feeling like you’re going to melt!

      I’m looking forward to fall though. My favourite season!

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